Experience the Mystery of RAKU

This season Terry is doing Raku in Lions Park in Leavenworth Washington.  He is partnering with Leavenworth Lions at their Breakfasts in the park from May until October.  Please see dates below. This is a fundraiser for the Lions.  A portion (10%) of all proceeds will be donated to the Lions.


“Wow – what a fun and different event our organization had at Leavenworth Pottery. Thank you Terry and Linda for allowing our group to enjoy an afternoon of raku, sun, fun and creativity. Everyone left with an appreciation of the pottery process, the beauty of the earth, the possibilities that art offers, and what a few friends can do with wet clay, minerals, heat, leaves, and smoke. We all had just a great time and until we can get back again, we’ll each have that wonderful piece of personal, one of a kind raku art to remember the day by.” – Sheila Hughs, Little Birch Productions.

Join us on any of the Saturday dates listed on this page and experience the beauty and mystery of Raku. Here is how it works!

  1. Select your piece of pottery
  2. Glaze your pottery however you want (dip it, brush it, pour it,etc)
  3. Hand it to Terry (the kiln master)
  4. Select your smoke bucket
  5. Watch it fire
  6. Take your masterpiece home!

July 20th – August 3rd – August 17th – September 7th – September 21st – September 28th and 29th (Autum Leaf Festival) – October 5th – October 12th

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Meet us in the Leavenworth Lions Club Park any time after 8am on any of the Saturdays listed above, get a fresh cooked breakfast from the Lions, we will fire your piece, talk with your friends and new acquaintances and have a bunch of fun for a couple of hours.  *Terry is partnering with the Leavenworth Lions and doing these events as a fundraiser for them so they are able to continue their good work in the Leavenworth community.

If you would like to come to Terry’s studio (close to town) and experience an event just for you and maybe some of your friends, call Terry at (509)860-0350 or email him at tporlier@frontier.com and schedule a time.

Cost per person: $50  (over age of 12 years please)

All major credit cards are welcome.

*Leavenworth Pottery provides corporate and association “team-building events” around the Pacific Northwest area.  He can come to your location or you can come to his.  Please call or email him.


Picture 1: Shows the Raku kiln being opened when temperature is achieved. What you are seeing are the actual pots glowing from the heat.

Picture 2: Shows the pot being moved from the kiln to the “Smoke Bucket” for the reduction process.

Picture 3: Shows the finished piece ready to take home.

No two pieces are ever the same and that is the beauty and mystery of Raku.